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About Us

The Mission:

We are a group of young ( mentally ) people, who want to co-make a new quality, to escape from stagnation existing around. We dream about the end of many years of civilizational backwardness of our country, we dream to finish uncritical copying of obsolete models and technologies.

Our portal is dedicated to all people who tink that Szczecin is located in the end of the world, in a periphery or under the sea. Maybe there is far from Szczecin to Warsaw or Lublin, but much closer to Berlin, Kobenhavn or Malmoe. Besides, connections to this foreign cities are often much better than domestic ones. It may be recognized as a sign of time that there was a start of direct railway line Prague – Szczecin with intention to lead it through Berlin and German territory.

Our long - term point of reference is the year 2099. It’s a symbolic date, a turn of the centuries. Admittedly we are yet, on the one side, in the current century, but on the other side we reach the next century. This time horizon may still appear today too far, but for the generation born today it’s a real perspective. The human life is longer and longer ( we don’t discuss at this moment about quality of this longer life ).

We want to take standards form the whole world. Nevertheless, we think globally, but we act locally. We live here, in the space of the local place, our small homeland. Will we reach our goals ? Time will tell.



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